A Guide to choose Kitchen Countertops

Any homemaker would be able to relate to the big decision and dilemma of selecting countertops for their kitchen. After all, kitchen is the heart and power house of every home. It is probably the busiest and bustling area in a home. The highlight of any kitchen is the countertop material. Countertops stand out the most and are the main point of the kitchen. A countertop has to be great both in looks and functionality to be deemed as the right choice. It changes the whole colour tone and mood of the kitchen. It is after all, the surface under your hands and food.

Homemakers are usually at a loss when it comes to choosing the right countertop while remodelling the kitchen or building a new house. They are at a loss mainly because of the abundance of options available in the home-remodelling websites, lifestyle magazines, blogs etc. This can be both overwhelming and frustrating, here are a few tips to help you filter the choices and choose the best fit:

  1. Determine the function: Some of the factors to consider while choosing your countertop is number of people in the home. The usage for a home of two differs from the usage of a home of four or more. More kids in the home means more prone to spills. After considering the above mentioned factors choose a countertop according to the durability that will fit your home.
  2. Establish your budget: It is no secret that remodelling can get expensive. Don’t just look at the cost of the countertop you choose, but also consider the cost of the delivery and installation. Consider the space you have.
  3. Define your style: Every home has a colour tone and every person has their own taste. Decide if you want warm colours or cool colours. Consider how you will accessorize the rest of the kitchen; consider the undertones and colours of the walls and cabinets.

The most obvious requirements for countertop material is that it should be beautiful, distinctive, easy to clean and of course not too expensive. There are many choices. From lesser costing butcher blocks and laminates to expensive exotic stones.

Every countertop surface has its own pros and cons.

Option 1: Laminate. Even though it is cheap, it is not very durable.

Option 2: Corian and Quartz. They are durable, look like natural stones, and don’t need protection and sealing. But, they are very expensive.

Option 3: Natural stones like granite, quartzite and marble. 

Granites and marbles have unique appeal and natural beauty to it. They are designs of nature and the patterns are different. They are durable; they resist wear, tear, and heat; they are also economically viable and need protection and sealing.

How you can shop for Cheaper Stone Countertops 

There are various outlets from where you can buy the stones. When you buy from a warehouse, it costs cheaper than buying from other types of outlets. Since there is no middleman like a retailer, the cost is reduced in huge amount and you can test the genuineness of the real seller as well. 

Warehouses like us stock a variety of stone slabs in humongous types of patterns which you can choose from. Buying directly from a warehouse would let you choose from a larger variety of stones.

A retailer usually stocks materials that they feel are more common and hence would sell more. Whereas a wholesaler stocks all the patterns and colours that are available with them, be it marble or granite. Another benefit of buying from a wholesaler is that you can buy big slabs of the stone that would fit perfectly with the design of your kitchen island. Pre-cut stone would never let you have that option and would always have seams that show no matter how good a job has been done. So these slabs would always cost less at a warehouse than a retailer.

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At Hilltop, the stone comes directly from our own mines in Brazil and India and hence we can vouch for its authenticity and quality. We assist you at every step of your buying process. While you are looking at the stones, our representative would be there with you to answer any queries that you might have.  Once you have made the selection, we will deliver the product at your place of choice.